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Procurri continues to strive for the best no matter the circumstances.

As the world continues through unprecedented tumultuous times, I wanted to update our community with the view from my chair as to where Procurri is, and a hope of where we go from here.

Procurri is continually striving to build, develop and deliver a world class maintenance business, enterprise hardware resale business and an industry leading data centre ITAD business across North America, Europe, and Asia. We have recruited fantastic people, nurtured a productive customer community, and continued to innovate through the industry.

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has changed our business as it has countless others. So how can we help you?

With over 400 employees worldwide, we are on a mission to help our customers dramatically save money and help them navigate these turbulent times. We continue to help the sick and otherwise suffering population by playing our part in keeping the global IT supply chain afloat and functioning. Our customers cannot be successful in their mission if we are not successful in ours.

Our dedicated teams in operations, accounting and IT have become designated ‘key workers’ as our customers, including hospitals, banks and insurance providers need our help more than ever.

I am proud of all the incredible work being done by our teams worldwide to help our customers survive and thrive. They are constantly going the extra mile, thinking outside of the box, and stepping up to adapt and diversify where needed. If they can help, they will and do; even if it means changing operations to do so. Having seen this brilliant hard work, I have full faith that Procurri partners will heal and rebuild. Our team have been making great things happen around-the-clock and around-the-globe since this uncertain time began.

There is no telling what the ‘new normal’ will look like, but Procurri are here for you now and will continue to be here for you then. Keep us updated and informed with your requirements and let us adapt to you and your business. We’re moving and changing on a daily basis, so let’s grow together – and we’ll face this head on.

Sean Murphy CEO

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