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I wrote a blog back in February 2020 (Titled “Because we’re Appy”) which outlined how our digital habits and the way we consumed data had changed dramatically via apps and 4G without most of us even noticing it. At the time, little did we know that we were only a few weeks away from living in a totally different environment brought about by Covid 19.

The world and our habits have changed yet again through the circumstances brought about in 2020. We have consumed more data that ever before due to multiple restrictions. Whether it be home schooling, working from home or catching up on box sets, we have all consumed more data whilst being indoors. I think its safe to say that most of us and our families screen time has increased, and we have realised how much we rely on the technology around us to communicate with friends, family and colleagues around the world.

Change has come about in city centres with many offices empty or running at much lower capacity, which has driven cloud adoption quicker to enable IT staff to work from home and not have IT equipment sit in empty offices. Whether this is public or private cloud is dependant upon the applications and preference of companies, but there has certainly been an uptake. Likewise, mobilising work forces quickly became the immediate challenge back in March and forced many companies to rethink their long-term IT strategy.

We have seen manufacturing and supply chain impacted due to facilities not being able to operate at full capacity to accommodate social distancing and regional regulations, thus creating a drive for automation and technology enhancements. A prime example of the supply chain constraints can be seen in the much-anticipated annual Apple announcement of new handsets, which has been delayed in 2020.

Now more than ever, we have realised the importance of being able to consume and communicate in a digital age. Even though it is a tough economical climate, we need technology and we have to progress. This is where Procurri are helping its partners. It could be short-term maintenance solutions to keep the lights on during a transition to the cloud, or customers may want to continue to sweat assets longer, which is where Procurri can help reduce cost on both capacity upgrades as well as longer term support. Our ITAD services help to provide residual value and compliance once the cloud journey is complete or customers no longer need to utilise existing assets. Refurbished technology and components provide cost effective options when there are Cap Ex constraints, or alternatively OpEx rental and hardware as a service (HaaS) options help spread the cost.

It’s important we have the tech we need and can service it accordingly to try and bring a level of normality to what we do in the strange new world we are currently living in. Stay safe.

Julian Bannister

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