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What is Data Domain?

Data Domain: What Is It, And How Can Procurri Help?

One of the most popular buzzwords bouncing around the IT scene, ‘Data Domain’ is being mentioned just about everywhere. But what is it and how does Procurri work with it? Let us explain.

Data Domain is a midrange storage system with the highest quality and fastest tech in disk-based backup, disaster recovery and archiving that uses high-speed processing for efficiency and optimisation. It easily integrates with the existing infrastructure and backup solutions a business has, so forms a popular option for companies who already have well established IT practices.

Data Domain works by using variable length deduplication; looking for common data points while varying the size of the segments it breaks data into. Each segment has a unique reference that can be quickly identified and referenced as needed. Only unique data is written to disk, so storage is optimised. It also provides end-to-end verification, fault detection and healing, fault avoidance and containment and full file system recovery – lowering the risk of data and corruption through its use. Data is never overwritten or updated, and new data is written into new containers. Its inline deduplication allows replication to run even when performing backups; so, disaster recovery times are faster than found in most solutions and the backup footprint is considerably lower.

There is, currently, no backup solution that optimised data retention better than Data Domain. Data recovery is faster, and better optimised and recovered than traditional tape backups – and can be relied upon to efficiently replicate the necessary data to required disaster recovery locations as required. It is the closest solution available to a guarantee of full data recovery in an emergency for IT businesses.

Procurri work with Data Domain seamlessly as they do other backup solutions. Complete hardware maintenance coverage is available 24hrs a day, 7days a week, 365days a year alongside remote monitoring. All engineers working on Data Domain are experienced in the field and qualified to Level 3 with access to 100% component coverage including on-site spare points for critical equipment and certified spare parts. This unbeatable level of support is available worldwide with no ESOL (End of Service Life) point, ever. Only Procurri can offer support so comprehensive.

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