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Procurri is delighted and humbled to have received a Highly commended for ‘Best Circular Economy Company’ and to have won the ‘Sustainable project of the year’ award at the inaugural CRN Tech Impact awards – 2021. This is just the

Data Domain: What Is It, And How Can Procurri Help? One of the most popular buzzwords bouncing around the IT scene, ‘Data Domain’ is being mentioned just about everywhere. But what is it and how does Procurri work with it? Let

Most Common SLA’s Abbreviation Description 24x7x365x4R 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a Year, 4 Hour Response (Part & Engineer) 24x7x365x4F 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a Year, 4 Hour Fix (Part & Engineer) 24x7x365x8R 24 Hours a Day, 7

WHY SUSTAINABILITY CREDENTIALS ARE NOW A ‘MUST’ AND NOT A ‘NICE TO HAVE’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ for large companies and is now a business ‘must’. Research conducted by CRN has shown that

'A RACE AGAINST TIME' PLAN D – ON THIN ICE "We are the Pilgrims, master, we shall go always a little further: it may be beyond that last blue mountain bard with snow, across that angry or that glimmering sea". James Elroyd

"IT IS NOT NECESSARILY REACHING THE GOAL, BUT THE JOURNEY IT TAKES TO GET THERE". ‘A RACE AGAINST TIME…’ PART 2- PLAN C – READY TO GO? ‘"After 3 years in the making with setbacks, obstacles in our way, it looks like a

THE WORLD AND OUR HABITS HAVE CHANGED YET AGAIN I wrote a blog back in February 2020 (Titled “Because we’re Appy”) which outlined how our digital habits and the way we consumed data had changed dramatically via apps and 4G without

A RACE AGAINST TIME… PART 1 - BACKGROUND & PREPARATIONS "Failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail" by Vic Vicary ‘We were flown back to Barneo Ice Station, but as we looked down we saw the horrendous impact of the climate crisis. It

Procurri continues to strive for the best no matter the circumstances. As the world continues through unprecedented tumultuous times, I wanted to update our community with the view from my chair as to where Procurri is, and a hope of where

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