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Third party maintenance

What is Third Party Maintenance?

Procurri’s Third Party Maintenance can extend the lifecycle of hardware way past standard EOSL (End of Service Life) OEM dates, ensuring our partners can offer their end users support for as long as it is required. Partnering with us provides longevity and sustainability in equipment, maximizing its value and optimizing its performance with no discernible disruption to business-as-usual activity.


Procurri's Third Party Maintenance

Procurri Third Party Maintenance Benefits

  • Affordable – Up to 70% savings compared to that of the OEM
  • Simplicity – Multi vendor, multi-regional support via a single point of contact
  • Parts only, reactive and proactive offerings
  • Supports legacy equipment – through flexible and responsive organisational stances and service plans
  • Provides an entirely bespoke service – that works to the idiosyncrasies and unique requirements of each business
  • Increases uptime – and as a result, improves customer service to the end-user

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