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$2.2 million savings on network & storage

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The client

The end-user is an agency in the US Government with multiple locations that stores large amounts of proprietary data

The challenges

The end-user was spending most of their budget on maintaining their existing infrastructure and was struggling to find budget for some necessary capacity upgrades for their environment.

In addition, the management of their environment was becoming more complex due to their capacity issues, and a substantial portion of their infrastructure consisted of EMC Avamar appliances that had recently been deemed end-of-life by the OEM.

Faced with the need for additional capacity, and with their support end-date rapidly approaching, the end-user reached out to their OEM for advice.

The OEM’s US $2.5 million proposal was for the end-user to complete a full environment refresh consisting of hardware, support, installation services, and migration services to the new platform.

Since the end-user didn’t have the budget to purchase the refresh, they sought alternative proposals and arranged a meeting with the solution provider who promoted Procurri’s offering.

The solution

The Procurri team worked closely with the end-user and solution provider to understand all aspects of their environment, provided free health checks on their infrastructure, and put together a comprehensive proposal that addressed all of the end-user’s needs for a total cost of US $300,000.

The proposal included a large refurbished Data Domain System (DD990 w/ 7 ES30-30 shelves) and Avamar node, installation services, environment recognition services to integrate the unit into their environment and four-hour onsite support services for the DD system and all 40 of the end-user’s end-of-life Avamar nodes.

The end-user resolved all of their immediate capacity constraints and alleviated a significant portion of the environment’s administrative/ management burden whilst saving over US $2.2 million.

The results

Significant cost savings – $2.2 million & reduced future costs
Increased functionality – increased storage & back up options
Ease of management – due to increased capacity


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